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Lianhe Is A Private High-tech Enterprise Dedicated To Providing Intelligent And Integrated Solutions For Data Center Equipment Supply And Distribution Systems, Integrating R&d, Production, Sales And Installation. High-tech Products Independently Developed By Aolitu[computer Room Precision Power Distribution System], [computer Room Intelligent Monitoring System] And Other Products Have Been Successfully Applied To Various Information Centers And Computer Rooms.

Why Choose Us
The R&d And Management Team With Rich Experience And Professionalism Can Provide Users With All-round Solutions From Product Development And Production Management To Pre-sales And After-sales Services.

Our Advantage
It is a high-tech product integrating low-voltage power distribution, accurate data acquisition, embedded monitoring software, dynamic environment monitoring, and remote centralized management. It is the first choice for the construction of power distribution system in the computer room.

Our value
With the rapid development of network technology and the high requirements of the industry for the construction of green data centers, Aolitu will provide more intelligent, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly high-end products for the construction of green data centers to meet the development needs of the industry.


Quality is the life of an enterprise. To protect your life, please establish a quality assurance system for your business. The market is like water, the enterprise is like a boat, the quality is like a rudder, and the person is the helmsman.

  • 2012 year-end summary meeting notice

    According to the company's research, the 2012 annual summary meeting and debriefing report will be held in the factory meeting room from February 4 to 5

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    As one of the large-scale tourism colleges in China, the Tourism College of Beijing Union University is studying tourism information.

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  • 2012 year-end summary meeting notice

    Subverting a huge force in the original industry model