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Date: 2019-08-10
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Author: 奥力图科技

The Center aims to promote the common development of the four major areas of academic research, support for tourism public information services, promotion of traditional tourism industry upgrading, and tourism informationization professionals. As the first collaborative innovation platform for tourism big data in China, it integrates multi-party tourism information and resources, and the big data platform open to domestic and foreign industries and the industry to effectively respond to the policy orientation of the “Smart Travel” of the National Tourism Administration and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's tourism industry. .

Huang Xiankai, vice president of Beijing Union University and dean of the School of Tourism, said: "The College of Tourism of Beijing Union University has always been committed to serving the development of the country's tourism industry, and hopes to give full play to the role of connecting the government and industry. In the period of rapid transformation and upgrading of domestic tourism, Grasping the opportunities given by big data and promoting the development of tourism education and industry based on big data has become the core proposition of the tourism college in recent years. As one of the large-scale tourism colleges in China, the Tourism College of Beijing Union University is studying tourism information. The field and talent cultivation have a relatively deep foundation.

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